Pool Safety Promoted by Home Inspection Firm Through Pool Fence Giveaways

A tragic event has inspired a local couple in Loxahatchee, Florida, to transform their grief into a life-saving mission. Jessica and Ricky Smith, the owners of Guardian Angel Inspections, have dedicated their efforts to ensuring the safety of pool areas. The genesis of their company can be traced back to the heartbreaking loss of their son in a drowning incident back in 2004. In a bid to prevent similar tragedies, they have recently initiated a generous initiative, offering a pool fence to a deserving household every quarter after conducting inspections.

The latest recipients of this life-changing giveaway are the Bass family residing in Loxahatchee. When asked about the significance of their endeavor, Jessica Smith expressed, “Preventing a tragedy like we went through is probably one of the worst things any parent can go through. So for us, it’s very, very important that their kids are safe and helping this family of nine, 10 on the way. That was just incredible when they won the pool fence giveaway. I was just so happy. And being here, I’m really emotional.”

In addition to their commendable efforts through Guardian Angel Inspections, the Smiths also lend their support to the Live Like Jake Foundation. Established by another couple who tragically lost their child to drowning, this local organization focuses on childhood drowning prevention. The foundation contributes to this cause by offering swim scholarships and lessons to children in need.

The selfless dedication of the Smiths to pool safety is indeed commendable. By transforming their tragedy into an opportunity to save lives, they provide a glimmer of hope to other families across their community. Their emphasis on ensuring the safety of children is undeniably invaluable, as they strive to prevent the devastating consequences of pool-related accidents. Through Guardian Angel Inspections and their partnership with the Live Like Jake Foundation, the Smiths continue to touch the lives of many and carry forward their mission of safeguarding the future generations from such heart-wrenching tragedies.

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