Police: Parents charged for death of 8-month-old in gun altercation

San Antonio Police have announced that a young mother and father have been arrested and will be charged with felonies related to their daughter’s death. The incident occurred on April 12th, when the couple began to argue over the possession of a handgun while holding their eight-month-old daughter, Rosalinda Martinez. The child was shot and killed during the altercation, and her father, Alejandro Dominic Martinez, fled the scene with the gun.

Mr. Martinez remained on the run until he was arrested on May 6th. During that time, San Antonio law enforcement officials continued their investigation, which eventually led to the apprehension of Ruby Marie Mora and Martinez. The couple’s daughter died that same night in the hospital due to her injuries.

According to arrest affidavits, a witness was present when the argument between Mora and Martinez escalated. The witness heard the argument growing louder and brought the baby outside to check on them. Mora seized her daughter and continued arguing with Martinez over the handgun. She demanded that he return it to her and began wrestling with him as he sat in the vehicle. The mother was holding the child in her right arm and reached into the car with her left hand, and the witness saw them pulling back and forth until she heard a shot. Mora and the baby were both hit.

Mora sustained a gunshot wound to the hand and was released from the hospital a week later and was subsequently arrested that evening. Family members have stated that Martinez has attacked Mora in the past and was out on bond for another assault case. Officers noted that Martinez was not supposed to have any contact with Mora, nor was he supposed to be in possession of a firearm per his bond conditions.

Martinez is being charged with assaulting a pregnant person, violating his bond, and reckless injury to a child. The San Antonio community has been shocked and saddened by this tragic incident, and the young couple’s actions will undoubtedly have long-lasting repercussions. San Antonio police officials are urging people to stay away from any violent situations, and they are asking anyone with any information about the incident to come forward.

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