Police: High-Speed Pursuit Ends in Fiery Crash as Alleged Robbers Flee

In an incident that occurred on Thursday afternoon, two individuals have been apprehended in relation to an aggravated robbery that unfolded in the Universal City area, prompting prompt action by law enforcement. Following a high speed chase, Windcrest Police managed to detain the suspects, who were said to match the physical characteristics described by witnesses.

Windcrest Police had reason to believe that the suspects’ vehicle corresponded to the description associated with an aggravated robbery that recently transpired at WSS, a shoe store in Universal City. In a display of remarkable vigilance, officers swiftly arrived at the scene and encountered Anthony Jamal Ferguson and Hollis Alexander Richardson, who chose to flee from law enforcement.

Ferguson proceeded to abscond in the vehicle, traversing Walzem Road while recklessly colliding with multiple cars. He skillfully maneuvered through parking lots, eluding capture until the vehicle eventually crashed in close proximity to a Dunkin Doughnuts establishment, rapidly succumbing to a devastating blaze. After the crash, Ferguson wisely abandoned the immolated vehicle and sought refuge on foot, only to be apprehended later by a diligent Windcrest K9 Officer.

Notably, Richardson was successfully located by officers, having brazenly pilfered items from WSS. Demonstrating a flair for evasive tactics, he resorted to leaping over neighboring fences in an effort to evade law enforcement. In collaboration with the San Antonio Police, the area was carefully scrutinized, culminating in Richardson’s capture.

Following the incident, both suspects were promptly transported to a medical facility to ensure evaluation of their injuries. Subsequently, the individuals will be processed and prepared for booking into Bexar County Jail, where they will await their respective legal proceedings.

These swift actions undertaken by law enforcement highlight the dedication exhibited by the authorities in their tireless pursuit of justice, ensuring that the safety and well-being of the community remains a top priority.

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