Police dispute father’s description of shooting at Allen Outlet Mall.

The accounts of Steven Spainhouer, former police officer and witness to the tragic shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets mall on May 6, have come under scrutiny from the Allen Police Department. As the father of an employee at the mall, Spainhouer claims he witnessed some of the shooting and even performed life-saving measures to help some of the victims. However, discrepancies in his statements and inconsistencies with investigative facts have left the police department to declare him an unreliable witness.

The mall shooting took place on May 6, when the gunman, 33-year-old Mauricio Garcia, killed eight people and injured seven more. The youngest victim was only three years old. Spainhouer’s son was working at the H&M store when the incident unfolded, and he immediately informed his father, who then rushed to the scene. While Spainhouer’s testimony to various media outlets has been graphic and intense, the Allen Police Department now says that none of it is accurate.

In a press release on May 12, the department explained that Spainhouer’s accounts are inconsistent with the facts obtained in their investigation. They stated that he arrived on the scene after 3:44 pm, making him not the first witness on the scene and not present during gunfire. They also declared that he did not perform CPR nor remove a boy from under his dead mother. Furthermore, it was revealed that while Spainhouer initially claimed to have performed CPR on one victim, he later altered his story to claim that he only gave chest compressions.

As a result of the discrepancies in Spainhouer’s statements and the fact that many unreliable reports can circulate around shootings like this one, the police department urged people to confirm the accuracy of their information before sharing it. Spainhouer, meanwhile, has responded to the allegations with disappointment, saying that he never claimed to hear gunshots in the mall.

Despite his refutation of the police department’s claims, Spainhouer has modified his story. He now only admits to helping move one victim, a dead woman who was supposedly covering her son. Even then, he only moved her body to a safe space. Additionally, he now argues that the police department’s assertion that he arrived around 3:44 pm is inaccurate. He claims that he did not see a police car or ambulance on the scene until five to six minutes later, which he says would have been over 20 minutes after the shooting began.

In his recent social media posts, Spainhouer has also shared that his son has been interviewed by Allen police. According to Spainhouer, the police asked his son about dropping out of college and about what medications he may be taking. His son revealed that he graduated from the University of North Texas but refused to answer the question about medication. This line of questioning has upset Spainhouer, who views his son as a hero. The Allen police department has yet to respond to his recent claims.

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