Police Conclude Search of Northwest Wooded Area in Lina Sardar Khil Case, Dismiss Tip as Not Credible

San Antonio Police and the FBI have concluded their latest two-day search for Lina Sardar Khil, who went missing over two years ago, after determining that a newly received tip “was not credible.” The search took place in a well-known wooded area near a northwest-side apartment complex, less than a mile from the Fredericksburg Road area where Lina was last seen. The investigation brought together investigators, FBI agents, detection equipment, and heavy machinery to the scene.

The search was prompted by a new tip from someone in the community, which led authorities to the 4000 block of Gardendale Road. To aid in the search, special equipment capable of detecting objects underground was brought in, along with shovels. Lina’s family and friends anxiously awaited updates from investigators at the location, expressing their concerns about the lack of regular communication regarding Lina’s disappearance.

Pam Allen of Eagles Flight Advocacy & Outreach, a group that has been advocating for Lina’s family for the past two years, raised questions about the actions and communication of the investigators throughout the case. She pointed out that the search focused on an area that had already been visited by herself and Lina’s father, questioning why it was chosen again.

However, the search concluded with no significant findings, leaving Lina’s family devastated and frustrated. Riaz Sardar Khil, Lina’s father, expressed his loss of confidence in the current law enforcement leadership assigned to the case. He urged authorities to change the detective or case manager in charge of Lina’s disappearance and expressed his hope that they can find his daughter.

Frank Trevino, a longtime advocate for missing persons, shared his disappointment over another false lead in Lina’s case. He mentioned the numerous search groups and individuals who have shown interest and care in finding Lina, emphasizing the emotional toll that false information takes on everyone involved.

The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) could not provide further details about the nature of the tip they initially received regarding Lina. However, they assured the public that they would continue to follow up thoroughly on every tip received as they persist in their search for Lina Khil. SAPD encouraged anyone with information or tips to contact their Special Victims Unit.

As Lina’s family awaits answers, they face the heartbreaking reality that Lina’s sixth birthday is approaching. The search for Lina continues, with the hope that new leads will emerge and bring her home safely.

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