Police Chase: Shooter waits for kids to cross the street near Lakewood; Opens fire in several different places

An intense four-county police chase ends with the suspect in custody, but not until Friday afternoon the man began dangerous criminal activity, including shooting at various locations in Southern California.

SkyFOX filmed the scene in Harbor City, Los Angeles County, where the suspect shot down one of the cruisers chasing him and then crashed into a pole.

Prior to the arrest of the man, the suspect first led the prosecution of authorities in Riverside County, and then went to the areas of San Bernardino, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

At some point during the chase, the suspect stopped at an intersection near Lakewood Long Beach while a group of children were crossing the street. The suspect waited until the children had finished crossing the street before continuing the chase. No one was hurt during this tense moment.

Shortly after exiting a crowded intersection, the suspect opened fire at the intersection of Montair Avenue and Autry Avenue around 3:46 pm.

Prior to this shooting, the suspect is believed to have opened fire on a Corona police officer in an attempt to evade cops from the area.

At some point during the chase, the suspect was shot before being handcuffed, a FOX 11 crew at the scene said.

Authorities did not specify where the car was stolen from. Aside from evading law enforcement, repeatedly opening fire and an alleged car theft, it is not known if the suspect is wanted for other crimes.

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