Pleasanton Man Missing On Fishing Trip: Partner’s Betrayal Suspected

Pleasanton, TX – The disappearance of 38-year-old Jesse Albert Garcia, Jr. has left his family in a state of desperate uncertainty. Garcia, who had informed his family that he was embarking on a fishing trip with friends in the Corpus Christi/Robstown area, has not been heard from since June 26. The sudden absence of contact has raised suspicions of foul play.

According to family members, Garcia’s phone has been out of service since the day he left Pleasanton, and his social media pages have mysteriously vanished. “He would have helped somebody if he saw them on the side of the road…he was very trusting. Did he trust the wrong person?” questioned Terri Cuevas, Garcia’s older sister.

Known for his love of fishing, Garcia frequently visited his family’s ranch, which boasts two stocked ponds. “He’ll go for a day or two or go and come on the same day,” stated Cuevas. However, whenever Garcia was away, he would diligently check in with his family on a daily basis. The sudden halt in communication has raised significant concerns.

Despite the lack of contact, Garcia’s family initially refrained from reporting him missing, hoping he was merely out enjoying time with friends. However, on July 12, Cuevas decided to file a missing person’s report in Atascosa County. The family has made efforts to search for Garcia, putting up flyers and speaking with locals in the Corpus Christi/Robstown area.

The family believes that locating Garcia’s silver Nissan with Texas license plate JYL-9558 will ultimately lead them to him. Cuevas emphasized, “He never would leave his truck behind. It was like his own little second house.” Despite their exhaustive efforts, including checks at impound lots and hospitals, there has been no sign of the missing man.

This disappearance follows another puzzling case in the same area. Pastor Phillip Loveday went missing earlier this month and was subsequently found deceased. Although the two cases do not appear to be connected, Cuevas highlighted the heightened level of concern from local residents. “I think people are like, ‘Whoa, what is the common denominator here? Why is [Garcia] missing?'” she stated.

In the face of adversity, the family has been heartened by the outpouring of support from both the local community and strangers from Corpus Christi. “There’s good people still out there,” Cuevas expressed gratefully. Atascosa County Sheriff David Soward confirmed that Garcia’s truck was discovered on the side of the highway near Robstown on June 27. Investigations have been conducted, and foul play is now suspected.

Authorities and the Garcia family are urging anyone with information regarding Jesse Garcia’s whereabouts or the location of his truck to contact the Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office at 830-769-3434 or reach out to Cuevas directly at 830-366-1248. “My mom says, ‘I just want to see my son one more time. I want to hear from him,'” revealed Cuevas, highlighting the family’s anguish during this distressing ordeal.

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