Plano resident, a game developer, grows business and opens headquarters in his hometown

Stray Kite Studios, a video game developer based in North Texas, has announced plans to construct an $8 million, high-tech headquarters in Plano. The 8,000-square-foot compound is to be built near the bustling State Highway 121, within the ambit of the Village 121 mixed-use development. According to planning documents, construction will commence in June and is expected to be completed by August.

Founded in 2018, Stray Kite Studios has a track record of successful collaborations with major gaming entities such as Epic Games, Gearbox Software, and Robot Entertainment. This migration to a more spacious facility in Plano signals a departure from the studio’s previous domicile, a modest 1,500-square-foot workspace nestled in Richardson.

The forthcoming headquarters’ design will be entrusted to Dallas-based O’Brien Architects, further reinforcing the local creative synergies that underpin this exciting venture. Stray Kite Studios’ relocation to Plano is part of a broader trend of local businesses expanding their operational footprints.

Accelerate Investment Partners, a dynamic local entity, is also earmarked for significant expansion. The construction project, slated for completion by October, will augment its current premises by an impressive 5,730 square feet. According to the company’s COO, Brenda Hurst, the need for the new space is due to the growth of the company’s Plano staff and the creation of additional meeting space and flexible office space for remote employees.

“Our expansions in New York and Los Angeles provide collaborative workspaces for employees who used to be working remotely in those geographies,” Hurst said. “We currently have no plans to add offices in other markets, but will look into the need as we continue to grow.”

These developments support the view that Plano is fast becoming a hub for innovative businesses seeking to expand. Accelerate’s expanded facility will house an 18-member team, while Stray Kite Studios’ new HQ will be a center of game development in the region. It seems that Plano is set to be a hub of creativity and innovation in the coming years.

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