Pigs stray to unintended residence during journey

A surprising discovery was made by a resident of San Antonio’s north side on Wednesday morning when she stumbled upon three little piggies in her front yard. To her dismay, the woman has yet to locate the owners of these adorable animals.

Jessica Monsivais, the woman who made the discovery, could hardly believe her eyes when she peered under her vehicle and noticed what appeared to be fur. Initially mistaking them for gray dogs, she soon realized that she had stumbled upon a trio of pigs. Monsivais was left puzzled as to where these pigs had come from and who they belonged to.

Adding to the intrigue, footage from Monsivais’ home surveillance camera captured the pigs in motion. With the pigs now safely relocated to her backyard, Monsivais and her family wanted to ensure their comfort. In an effort to cater to their needs, they researched what pigs could consume and decided to feed them tortillas, which the pigs seemed to thoroughly enjoy.

Despite checking with nearby neighbors and posting on Nextdoor, Monsivais and her family have had no luck in finding the owners of the pigs. Although they have grown fond of the animals and would like to keep them, they are determined to reunite them with their rightful owners.

Monsivais expressed her hope that these three little piggies would find their way back home, emphasizing her desire for them to remain as pets. Concerned about the pigs’ well-being, she revealed that they have reached out to a wildlife rescue group for assistance in case the owners cannot be located.

The mystery of how these pigs ended up in Monsivais’ front yard remains unsolved, leaving the community intrigued and eager to discover their origin. As the search for the owners continues, Monsivais and her family remain committed to ensuring the welfare of these unexpected visitors.

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