Pennington First Aid Squad Grant Boosts Emergency Services and Opportunities for Trenton Residents at Capital Health

Trenton, NJ – In a remarkable show of support, the Pennington Area First Aid Squad has generously donated $50,000 to the Capital Health Foundation this fall. The donation is specifically intended to bolster the Trenton Neighborhood Initiative (TNI), a progressive program that spans over five years.

The Pennington First Aid Squad’s contribution will have a significant impact on individuals interested in pursuing careers in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), as well as on experienced Capital Health emergency medical technicians (EMTs) seeking further education. According to Alex Lewinsky, the director of EMS Capital Health, the donation has a three-fold effect. The funds will be utilized for enrolling, training, and equipping up to 12 new EMT Academy interns this fall. Additionally, it will provide current EMTs at Capital Health with the opportunity to pursue paramedic training. The infusion of new talent and the support for advanced training will undoubtedly enhance the capacity of Capital Health to serve the communities during times of crisis and need.

Capital Health’s EMT Academy plays a pivotal role in training future EMTs and facilitating their transition into full-time positions. This aligns with the overarching goal of the TNI, which aims to address social determinants of health like socioeconomic status and access to training. The program welcomes individuals who are either seeking a new career path or are just embarking on their professional journey.

For the existing EMTs employed by Capital Health, professional development is crucial, with paramedic training being of particular importance. As Alex Lewinsky explains, paramedics are highly trained EMTs who possess advanced medical skills. These include administering oral and intravenous medication, monitoring electrocardiograms (EKGs), and performing advanced airway techniques. By offering paramedic training to current EMTs, the Pennington First Aid Squad’s gift allows them to remain in the workforce full-time while attending a two-year accredited paramedic program. Upon successful completion of the program, these employed paramedics commit to a minimum of three years of service to the Capital Health communities. This opportunity has the potential to create a lasting impact on local families for generations to come.

It is worth noting that the Pennington First Aid Squad has been diligently providing emergency medical services to local communities since 1954. However, in February 2023, they responded to their last 911 call, concluding their commendable service.

For individuals seeking more information about the EMT Academy at Capital Health, Alex Lewinsky can be contacted at [email protected]. To contribute and support Capital Health’s Trenton Neighborhood Initiative, Jennifer M. Antinoro can be reached at [email protected]. For further details about the Trenton Neighborhood Initiative, please visit

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