Pediatric doctor recovering swiftly after stabbing

Pediatrician Dr. Philip Colaizzo, who was stabbed earlier this week in Jupiter, Florida, is reported to be recovering well, according to a Facebook post shared on Saturday. The incident, described as “very scary,” occurred at the doctor’s office, as stated by Jupiter Pediatric & Pahokee Pediatric in their Facebook update. Dr. Colaizzo is said to be receiving excellent care and has the support of his family during this challenging time. The medical community and the public have shown an outpouring of support, love, and respect for the injured doctor.

On Wednesday, just before 4:30 p.m., emergency crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue swiftly responded to the 6000 block of West Indiantown Road, where they discovered a person who had been stabbed. The victim, later identified as Dr. Colaizzo, was promptly transported to a local trauma center to receive medical attention. Witnesses described the chaotic scene, with sirens blaring and police vehicles rushing to the location. Dr. Brian Hunt, who works nearby, recounted the moment when he saw the doctor being wheeled out on a stretcher.

Following the attack, the suspect, Nicholas David Parchesco, a 28-year-old resident of Margate, fled the scene and initiated a high-speed chase. Parchesco recklessly weaved in and out of lanes as he headed north into Indian River County, as reported by law enforcement officials. Astonishingly, Parchesco was spotted traveling at speeds exceeding 120 mph on Interstate 95. The dangerous pursuit continued until authorities apprehended him.

In light of the incident, the doctor’s office where the stabbing occurred has announced its closure for the remainder of the week. A sign was posted on the premises, notifying patients and visitors of the temporary shutdown. This decision allows the medical staff and employees to regroup and reassess security measures to ensure the safety and well-being of both patients and personnel.

As the investigation into the attack continues, the medical community remains vigilant, offering their support to Dr. Colaizzo and his family. The incident serves as a reminder of the risks faced by healthcare professionals in their dedication to providing vital services to the community. The response from colleagues and the public demonstrates the deep appreciation for the work of these professionals and the commitment to their safety and security.

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