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CANYON LAKE, Texas — Our “Forgotten Friends” series sheds light on the plight of animals that have spent an extended time at local shelters, eagerly waiting for someone to notice them and give them a loving home. This week, we revisit the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society (CLASS) to introduce Mr. Piggy, a lively husky and golden retriever mix who currently holds the record for the longest stay at the shelter, having been there for an impressive eight months.

Mr. Piggy, an almost three-year-old furry bundle of joy, weighs around 50 pounds and possesses an exuberant spirit that is sure to bring excitement into any home. Despite his extended stay at the shelter, his high energy level and playful nature haven’t wavered. Classified as the “longest stay dog,” Mr. Piggy has been neutered, tested negative for heartworm, and is up to date on all necessary vaccines, including heartworm prevention.

According to Stacie Shmidl, a representative from CLASS, Mr. Piggy embraces the characteristics of his breed. Described as dramatic, sassy, quirky, and talkative, he never fails to entertain shelter staff with his distinct personality. His favorite activity is being chased around the yard, especially when he can engage in a game of keep-away with a toy. Zooming around with his tongue out and his fur flowing in the wind, Mr. Piggy radiates joy and contagious smiles.

Due to his athletic nature, Mr. Piggy is best suited for an active household with access to a yard where he can release his energy. While he may exhibit some jumping and mouthiness when excited, he responds well to correction and has made significant progress in overcoming these behaviors. A simple game of fetch or a toy can redirect his focus and put an end to any undesirable conduct. Furthermore, Mr. Piggy would make an excellent companion for older children, as they can tire each other out while engaging in meaningful conversations.

When it comes to other dogs, Mr. Piggy’s feelings are mixed. While he has shown fear towards some, he chooses to avoid them and indulge in his own activities with others. Nevertheless, his kennel remains tidy, and he patiently waits for scheduled walks before relieving himself. He exhibits proper leash etiquette and is generally easy to handle, making him a delightful four-legged friend.

Notably, new management assumed control of CLASS four months ago and uncovered a concerning lack of documentation about the animals in their care. Consequently, Mr. Piggy’s origin and circumstances leading to his presence at the shelter remain unknown. However, his future is now firmly in the hands of potential adopters who can provide him with a loving forever home.

To inquire about giving Mr. Piggy a home, interested individuals should contact the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Society. Additional information, including an adoption application, can be found on their website. Notably, Lucy’s Doggy Daycare & Spa has graciously offered a complimentary “Glow Up” Day at the Spa, featuring a massage therapy bath and Pawdicure, to the family that adopts Mr. Piggy. This gesture aligns with Lucy’s core value of giving back to pups in need, honoring Lucy herself as a rescue dog.

CLASS can be visited at 2170 Old Sattler Rd. in Canyon Lake, from Tuesday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Please note that they are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Further inquiries can be directed to (830) 899-2527. The adoption fee for Mr. Piggy is $150, which covers essential services such as spaying/neutering, age-appropriate vaccines, microchipping, flea/tick prevention, and heartworm testing and prevention.

For those who are unable to adopt at this time but still wish to make a difference, CLASS welcomes support through food supplies and monetary donations. Animal-loving volunteers are also invaluable to the shelter’s operations. To explore opportunities for assistance, visit their website or follow them on Facebook at CLASS.Canyonlake.2013 and on Instagram.

In the event that Mr. Piggy doesn’t align with your ideal pet preferences, CLASS’s website showcases a variety of other adoptable animals awaiting their own “furr-ever” homes. Remember, by choosing to adopt from a shelter, you not only provide a loving home to a deserving animal but also create space for another animal in need.

If you know of any other Forgotten Friends who have been overlooked and are still searching for their forever homes, please contact Andrea at [email protected].

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