Palm Beach County Residents Seek Aid for Developer-Linked Flooding

Residents of the Kawanha Park neighborhood in central Palm Beach County are expressing concerns over the possibility of their homes being submerged underwater. This worry stems from recent changes made to a lake behind their properties during the construction of the new Lakeshore at the Fountains development. According to residents, the grading of the lake was raised above the surrounding properties, and canal openings that previously allowed water to flow freely have been blocked, resulting in rising water levels with no outlet.

The affected residents reside just south of Lake Worth Road and west of Jog Road near Greenacres. Images captured by WPTV show LoriAnn Roderick, a resident, outlining her frustration with the flooding that has occurred in her neighborhood due to the nearby development. The construction in question is owned by Lennar, a prominent developer. While the project is likely legal, Jerry Paquin, a concerned neighbor, believes that a compromise must be reached to ensure proper drainage and prevent further flooding of their homes.

Over the past month, residents have observed the flooding gradually worsening, leaving their yards submerged in water. Anthony Roderick, another resident whose backyard has been significantly affected, expressed concerns for the safety of his grandchildren and the increased presence of disease-carrying mosquitoes. The inability to utilize their own backyard has become a significant issue for the affected residents.

Isela Breen, a neighbor, revealed that the excessive water has not only damaged her landscaping but has also killed her fruit trees. She recounts a dangerous incident where she found herself trapped in a hole filled with water up to her knee. Her husband was forced to use a bicycle to reach his car due to the flooded conditions.

In an attempt to address the situation, the Rodericks reached out to Palm Beach County Land Development official George Beck via email. Beck assured them that project engineers would be installing a drainage line and restoring the lake bank grade in the coming week. Additionally, he stated that he had requested Lennar to contact the affected residents. However, the Rodericks claim they have not yet received any communication from the company.

WPTV attempted to contact the developers on Friday evening but did not receive a response in time for the broadcast. Nevertheless, Beck remains proactive in his efforts to resolve the issue and prevent further flooding. He has urged the developers to investigate the matter and provide assistance before any additional flooding occurs. The affected residents are taking precautionary measures, such as using sandbags, to protect their properties from further damage caused by the rising water levels.

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