Palm Bay SWAT justified in fatal shooting, per state attorney

Four Palm Bay Police officers have been cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in a deadly shooting that occurred last February, according to a final report by Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators. The state attorney’s office came to this conclusion after conducting a review of the incident, stating that the use of force by the officers was lawful and justified. Following this determination, the Palm Bay Police Department will proceed with an administrative review to determine if any policies or procedures were violated by the four officers involved.

During the three-hour standoff in a darkened backyard, witnesses and police officers described a scene filled with confusion as SWAT members attempted to de-escalate the situation with a 46-year-old armed resident who was acting erratically and wielding an AR-15. State investigators reported that the confrontation ended with the resident being shot and killed.

Palm Bay Police Chief Mariano Augello expressed his thoughts on the incident, acknowledging the difficult situation officers faced when confronted with deadly force. He emphasized that the officers’ actions were guided by their training.

The incident on February 21st marked the third officer-related shooting to occur in Palm Bay this year. In response, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted an independent investigation, which was then reviewed by the state attorney’s office.

The report from the state attorney’s office confirmed that no criminal violations of Florida law had occurred and that no further action would be taken on the matter. However, the investigation into the actions of the officers will continue to determine if any internal policies or procedures were violated.

This case adds to a series of officer-related shootings that have taken place in Palm Bay since January, involving some of the same tactical team members. In June, another incident occurred where a 54-year-old man was shot and wounded by Palm Bay officers serving a warrant, and in early August, a 31-year-old man was shot and killed after allegedly pointing a firearm at family members. Both of these cases are still under investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

As the Palm Bay Police Department conducts its administrative review, they are faced with the challenge of addressing these officer-related shootings and ensuring that their officers adhere to proper protocols. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to strike a balance between protecting public safety and maintaining the trust of the communities they serve.

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