Osceola County home hit by car in crash

A car crashed into a home located at 2984 Camino Real Drive in Kissimmee on Thursday, according to Osceola County officials. The incident resulted in non-life-threatening injuries to the driver and another occupant of the house, who were both taken to the hospital. Fire crews responded to put out a blaze that occurred due to the collision, and they are currently working to reinforce the home that sustained structural damage from the impact.

The crash, which took place earlier today, is still being investigated, and as of now, no additional details are available. This is a developing story, and further updates will be provided as they become available.

In a statement released earlier, officials noted that the car had crashed into the house’s living room, causing significant destruction. The footage from the site showed the car, which appeared to be severely damaged, partially lodged inside the house.

The incident left the neighborhood shaken, with many residents coming outside to observe the wreckage. Police and emergency services rushed to the scene to deal with the situation, and the area remains cordoned off as investigators begin their work.

Residents are advised to steer clear of the affected area and to cooperate with the authorities examining the scene. This incident serves as a reminder to remain alert while driving and to exercise caution on the road. We urge individuals to be mindful of their surroundings and to put safety first at all times.

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