Orlando Man Brings Violence Intervention Lessons to Community

ORLANDO, Fla. – In an effort to equip leaders across the United States with effective strategies to combat violent crimes, the White House recently organized a graduation ceremony. The event aimed to provide valuable insights and training to prevent such incidents from occurring.

Reflecting on his experience, Raysean Brown, a graduate from Jones High School, expressed his gratitude towards those who supported him on his journey. Brown was part of the graduating class of a violence prevention training program held in Washington D.C. The significance of the sacrifices made by others weighed heavily on his mind during this milestone.

The ceremony, overseen by Vice President Kamala Harris, witnessed the participation of community leaders from all corners of the country. Together, they honored Brown and his fellow classmates, who became the inaugural graduates of the University of Chicago Crime Lab’s Community Violence Intervention Leadership Academy. This program aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to combat violence in their communities.

When asked about his major takeaways, Brown emphasized the importance of understanding the unique ecosystem of one’s city. He highlighted the significance of leveraging the contributions of every member of the community in the realm of violence prevention. This includes local businesses providing job opportunities, thereby ensuring that the money circulates within the community.

Brown’s newfound understanding has played a crucial role in his work in Orlando. As a part of Peace Orlando, a gun violence prevention program under the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, he strives to make a positive impact in different neighborhoods. The program specifically focuses on Parramore, Holden Heights, Carver Shores, Mercy Drive, and Rosemont.

Describing their approach, Brown stated that Peace Orlando engages in targeted intervention. By identifying individuals who may be at a heightened risk of being involved in gun violence, the program aims to provide them with the necessary support and resources. The objective is to meet these individuals where they are and inspire positive change, regardless of their background.

Recent events in Orlando have highlighted the urgency of such initiatives. In just the past month, the city has witnessed at least two fatal shootings. One occurred in a downtown parking garage in early January, while the other took place at a Mercy Drive apartment complex later in the month. These incidents further emphasize the importance of proactive violence prevention efforts.

Brown emphasized that meeting those affected by gun violence and providing them with the necessary resources is the primary goal of Peace Orlando. He firmly believes in the power of staying true to oneself and striving for greatness. According to Brown, it is essential to unapologetically embrace one’s identity while pursuing excellence, as greatness will eventually find its way.

Looking ahead, Peace Orlando’s violence intervention program is set to expand next year. Three additional neighborhoods will benefit from the program’s resources and support. For those interested in learning more about Peace Orlando or getting involved, additional information can be found by following the provided link.

In conclusion, the graduation ceremony held at the White House served as a platform to empower leaders across the United States in their fight against violent crimes. By equipping individuals with the necessary tools and knowledge, the program aims to create safer communities. Raysean Brown’s experience and dedication exemplify the transformative potential of violence prevention initiatives. As Orlando continues to grapple with gun violence, programs like Peace Orlando offer hope for a brighter and safer future.

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