Ordinance targets Oakland’s illegal sideshows

Oakland City Council Member, Noel Gallos, is spearheading a push to curb the proliferation of dangerous sideshows that are widely prevalent in the city. Gallos has been vocal about the escalating menace that has overtaken Oakland’s streets. The phenomenon, which involves recklessly driving cars and motorcycles in loop-de-loops, is a public safety crisis.

According to Gallos, the situation has become an extreme hazard to public safety, with illegal activities spiraling out of control. This has led to the need for immediate action to safeguard the community. A new proposed city ordinance is expected to be passed to clamp down on the promoters and organizers of the illegal activity.

“It has gone to an extreme or it’s not safe to begin with, but it’s gotten out of control and people, whether it’s a car or truck or motorcycle, are doing illegal activities that are definitively destroying our street and jeopardizing the safety of our family,” said Gallos.

The proposed ordinance targets the sources of the illegal activity and would impose penalties on those found responsible for the act’s propagation. The legislation focuses on bringing to book the organizers of the sideshows, which have become the focal point of dangerous activities that put families at risk.

Oakland’s long-standing issues with sideshows have only worsened in the wake of the pandemic, with fewer social gatherings and events, leading many enthusiasts to take to streets in even larger numbers. Reports of such dangerous activities have spiked in recent months, alarming public officials and the community at large. As such, the newly proposed ordinance is expected to be a key tool in cracking down on the perpetrators.

As a result, NBC Bay Area journalist, Jodi Hernandez, has provided a comprehensive report on the issue. Her report features crucial insights into what needs to be done to solve this seemingly intractable problem. Oakland is a potential powder keg, and it is imperative for stakeholders to come together and ensure that the proposed ordinance is passed without delay. In this way, safety and security can be restored to Oakland’s streets.

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