One killed, two critically injured in shootout

A shooting at Antioch Village Apartments in San Antonio left one person dead and two others critically injured on Thursday. Police Chief William McManus confirmed that this was not a random shooting.

According to McManus, a group of people parked their vehicle in the center parking lot at Antioch Village Apartments and waited for another individual to appear. When the intended target came out of an apartment, the people in the car fired at that individual. Associates of the intended target showed up in a second car and tried to pick him up, which resulted in an exchange of gunfire. Three people were hit, one of whom died, and the other two are in critical condition at the hospital.

Jondavid De Leon, a San Antonio pastor, held a community event at the same location just one day prior to the shooting. De Leon and fellow ministers have been working to spread the word of God and inspire hope among the East Side community via routine church events.

De Leon stated, “It’s terrible, it’s heart wrenching. Bullet shells are littering and decorating the streets of the east side…These relatives and families have to stop and put their guns down, have to stop shooting each other. There’s power in forgiveness.” De Leon hopes to continue his efforts alongside SAPD and other groups to bring about change and curb violent crime in the area.

After the shooting, relatives of the deceased individual tried to approach the crime scene. Tensions were high, and one officer was reportedly assaulted by a family member attempting to enter the perimeter. Police arrested the individual for punching the officer in the face. Later, a news photographer was punched in the face and a camera was possibly pushed over by a member of the public outside the perimeter.

McManus stressed that this information is still preliminary and may be subject to change. The police are not seeking the public’s help identifying a suspect at this time. However, McManus did confirm that the person who died was not the intended target.

This is a developing story and more details are yet to be unveiled.

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