Old Round Rock Library Receives City’s Approval for Remodel

The Round Rock Public Library, an iconic establishment, is set to undergo a significant transformation. The Griffith Building, a 44,000-square-foot structure, will retain its historic identity while accommodating several new features. The first floor will house the Round Rock Visitors Center and a two-story Arts and Culture gallery, while the second floor will be occupied by the Round Rock Chamber. Furthermore, the north side of the building will be utilized for additional flex space dedicated to City operations.

In conjunction with the building renovation, the City is also planning to relocate the Palm House. The current site of the Round Rock Chamber on Main Street will be relocated to the Old Settlers Association near its original location along Palm Valley Boulevard. This move will create space for the City to construct a paseo, or a walkway, connecting Prete Plaza and the courtyard of the recently-opened Round Rock Public Library. Notably, this new walkway will be conveniently situated adjacent to a newly-built 289-space parking garage.

Renderings of the Griffith Building/Paseo have been released, providing a glimpse into the future of this revitalized space. These visuals showcase the careful planning and attention to detail that will be employed during the renovation process, ensuring a seamless integration of the building’s historical significance with modern amenities.

The City of Round Rock is committed to preserving the rich heritage of its landmarks while embracing progress and innovation. By repurposing the Griffith Building and relocating the Palm House, the City aims to create a vibrant community space that fosters cultural engagement and economic growth. The development of the paseo will enhance connectivity between key areas of interest, making it easier for residents and visitors to explore the city’s offerings.

The City of Round Rock expresses gratitude to the public for their continued support and shares its appreciation for the collaboration with the Round Rock Visitors Center, Arts and Culture gallery, and Round Rock Chamber. These partnerships are instrumental in ensuring the success of this ambitious revitalization project.

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