Oakland Teacher Strike Continues into Next Week

After two days of striking, the Oakland Education Association (OEA) has announced its decision to continue the protest on Monday, for the third consecutive day. The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) confirmed that the union informed them that they will continue to fight for their demands. In response, OUSD stated that schools will remain open throughout this period despite the planned strike.

However, OUSD management has issued a statement regretting the inconvenience caused to students and families due to the strike but affirmed that the district would provide the necessary support systems, including nutrition services, to ensure regular activities can resume on short notice. The OEA spokesperson made it very clear that the strike would extend beyond Monday until any announcements to the contrary.

Teachers, alongside other educators, picked up placards and walked out of classrooms on Thursday leading to the continuation of this sustained action by the teachers’ union. While OEA continues to bargain with OUSD, many students and parents have demonstrated support for their campaign. While announcing Sunday evening, OEA remained confident that there was visible progress in negotiations with district officials.

The protests, which drew thousands of Oakland schoolteachers outside over 80 locations in the city, have stemmed from agreements over pay raises, workload and adequate classroom resources. The narrative suggests that the strike will remain in place, and OEA is optimistic and hopes for continued negotiations to end positively.

This developing story is continuing to update within Oakland public school circles. Stay tuned for more developments as they emerge.

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