Not the Black Friday everyone expected: increased prices and empty shelves disappointing for customers

Dallas, Texas – With Thanksgiving and Black Friday, the Christmas shopping season is officially opened or that’s at least what we are used to in the past. However, this year seems to be different.

Black Friday is the day when many people start their Christmas shopping and buy things with big discounts, but this year many customers were left disappointed because of increased prices compared to last years and empty shelves.

All in all, the current situation is the real representations of the supply chain crisis that has been around for months now.

According to several polls conducted in the past weeks, many people are afraid they won’t be able to afford everything of the gifts on their lists because of the increased prices.

Roughly the same number of shoppers are concerned about actually finding the gifts because of the supply chain issues, polls show.

Since the start of the pandemic year and a half ago, many small local businesses were struggling with their operations for the whole period and the Black Friday crowds are great sight for them, but they also face serious problems with the supply chain crisis.

“We are a small business, so we love the days that are busy and packed. They help us stay here and stay doing what we love,” Allison Scott, owner of Apricot Lane said.

People are completely aware of the situation with the rising prices and supply crisis and these are the two main reasons why this year’s Black Friday picture was different compared to previous years.

Although there were lines at Walmart, Target and Best Buy, it was nothing compared to what we are used to usually see for Black Friday.

“Just needed another tv, so just thought I’d pick one up this morning and be done with it,” said shopper Darren Carver. “I thought I’d come out and check. If the crowds were gonna be too bad, I was just gonna go back home and wait for it to die down. But I came out, and it was pretty good.”

“I’m just kind of going with the flow,” said shopper Resa Clark. “So I think I might hit up Walmart or target or try to branch out to some other stores.”

The calmer crowds are a result of more online shopping as well as retailers starting their discounts weeks ago. contributed to this report.

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