Northeast Austin Gas Line Break Forces Evacuation of Three Families

Hazmat Incident Prompts Evacuation in Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, Texas – A hazmat incident unfolded in Austin on Monday morning, as firefighters swiftly responded to the 1400 block of Meadowmear Dr. The emergency was triggered when an excavator accidentally struck a substantial 6-inch gas line.

Authorities immediately sprang into action, ensuring the safety of the community by evacuating three families from the vicinity. As the situation unfolded, officials urged residents to steer clear of the affected area. The collaborative efforts of Texas Gas Service, Austin Energy, and first responders were instrumental in effectively managing the incident in northeast Austin.

To facilitate the emergency response, the Austin Police Department promptly implemented necessary traffic control measures. Southbound traffic on Dessau Road was temporarily closed, while the northbound section at Whitaker Dr. was also shut down. These precautionary measures allowed the Austin Fire Department (AFD) to successfully shut off the gas supply, mitigating any potential risks.

According to the AFD, the road closure on the northbound side is expected to be lifted shortly, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in the area. Meanwhile, emergency officials remain on the scene, diligently monitoring gas levels to guarantee the continued safety of the surrounding environment.

In the face of this hazmat incident, the swift response and coordinated efforts of the authorities have effectively averted any major disaster. The rapid evacuation of affected families and the timely shutdown of gas services exemplify the commitment of Austin’s emergency response teams to prioritize public safety. As the situation evolves, further updates will be provided to ensure the community remains informed and prepared.

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