North Carolina Farmer Wins Second Big Lottery Prize on Same Scratch-Off Game After 5 Years

In a stroke of luck that defies superstition, a farmer in Elfland, Orange County, North Carolina, unearthed a significant prize on the notorious date of Friday the 13th. Christy Merritt, who had previously experienced a lottery win in 2018, emerged victorious once again on this fateful day.

Merritt’s astonishing triumph came courtesy of a $30 Black Titanium scratch-off ticket purchased from Efland Supermarket on U.S. 70 West. The ticket proved to be worth a staggering $100,000, bringing Merritt’s total winnings from the same store to $350,000. Reflecting on her improbable fortune, Merritt expressed her disbelief, stating, “My brain could just not comprehend it. It was very exciting though.”

This remarkable win marks the second time Merritt has secured a substantial prize. In 2018, she split a $250,000 scratch-off jackpot with her roommate, also after purchasing a ticket from Efland Supermarket. Recalling the moment she realized her luck, Merritt admitted, “I did not believe what I was seeing. It was certainly a shock.”

As a farmer and grandmother of four, Merritt intends to share her good fortune with her beloved grandchildren. She plans to treat them to a memorable trip, potentially to the beach, in addition to taking care of some financial obligations and saving for retirement. After taxes, Merritt received a sum of $71,259.

The Black Titanium game, introduced in June, boasts six $4 million top prizes and 16 $100,000 prizes. While Merritt has secured one of the $100,000 prizes, there are still four $4 million prizes and 10 $100,000 prizes available for lucky winners.

It is worth noting that the revenue generated by scratch-off ticket sales enables the North Carolina Education Lottery to contribute an average of $2.8 million per day to educational initiatives. In 2022 alone, the lottery raised $8.3 million, making a significant impact in Orange County. For further details on the positive influence of the lottery’s contributions, interested individuals can visit and click on the “Impact” section.

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This extraordinary tale of fortune serves as a reminder that luck can strike even on the most ill-omened of days, defying common beliefs and bringing joy to unexpected places.

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