North Austin Residents Protest Rent Hikes and Ignored Maintenance Requests

AUSTIN, Texas – Residents of an affordable housing complex in North Austin have expressed their dissatisfaction with the management, stating that they have reached their breaking point. The Palms on Lamar, which receives subsidies from low-income housing tax credits and city financing, has become a source of frustration for a group of tenants.

On Thursday, approximately two dozen individuals gathered at the leasing office to voice their grievances, focusing on two main issues: unresolved repair requests and rent hikes. Dalia Lomelin Martinez, a resident, emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “We’re hoping for them to finally hear our plea and do something about it because we’ve been like this for a long time.”

The Residents at Palms on Lamar took matters into their own hands by drafting a letter to the management that outlined their concerns regarding the living conditions. Their complaints included unanswered repair requests, cockroach infestations, malfunctioning air conditioning, and hot water problems. Martinez added, “For the longest time, we didn’t have any running hot water, the AC doesn’t work properly, or it leaks. We have some pest problems.”

In addition to the maintenance issues, residents expressed frustration over the frequent rent increases. Marilu Jaimes, another tenant, voiced her concerns, stating, “They charge too much for the rent, and they don’t fix anything on time.” This is not the first time the issue of rent has been raised between tenants and management. A meeting addressing this matter took place a few months ago, during which management promised to rescind unnoticed rent increases and refund unlawfully charged late fees. They also assured tenants that rent increases for the year would be limited to $100.

However, some residents have recently received notices indicating rent hikes of $300 to $500 for the upcoming month of November. Jaimes expressed her disbelief, saying, “I understand that everything is very expensive, and they have to raise rent prices everywhere, especially right now. But $500? I don’t think it’s fair.”

Despite the challenges they face, the residents remain determined to fight for their homes. “I want to stay here,” said Jaimes. “This has been my home for too many years. My daughter goes to school nearby, and I don’t have another place to go right now.”

FOX 7 News reached out to the management for a comment but has yet to receive a response. The residents, however, will continue their efforts to bring attention to the issues they face in their community.

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