North Austin residents live in fear amid ongoing drive-by shootings

Residents of Tuffit Lane in North Austin are living in a constant state of fear after a string of drive-by shootings. The first shooting occurred a year ago, and shootings have since ramped up with four more happening from April 20 to May 1, with multiple rounds fired each time.

Joe Ayres, a resident of Tuffit Lane, says that it is terrifying to come home and be woken up by the sound of gunshots. He and his neighbors have been losing sleep and fear for their safety as houses and cars get damaged in the shooting.

While no one has been hurt to his knowledge, one person has already moved out of a bullet-ridden house. Neighbors are convinced that the suspects are targeting a specific house, but other houses and cars are also getting hit. Despite police responses, neighbors are demanding for more police presence.

According to Michael Garza, a resident of Tuffit Lane with a young family, the shootings are affecting their day-to-day life. He says that once it starts to get dark outside, his wife is always wary of him being out in the front of their house or working in the garage, afraid that the shooting might happen.

Ayres also shares how his neighbors now talk to each other, wondering if the shooting will happen tonight or not, which is not a conversation they should be having. The situation has become unacceptable, and residents are waiting for a positive change to happen.

Austin Police confirmed that they’re investigating multiple shots fired calls on Tuffit Lane, but they could not provide further details to protect the integrity of the investigation. They encourage anyone with information to submit a tip anonymously through the Capital Area Crime Stoppers Program or report any criminal activity to 9-1-1 or to 3-1-1 for non-emergencies.

Despite police patrols, residents demand more police presence within the neighborhood, as they fear that the situation will worsen without proactive and practical measures.

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