Nine Dead in Shooting at Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday

Authorities have reported a shooting incident that occurred at the Allen Premium Outlets, resulting in multiple casualties on Saturday afternoon. WFAA reported that several individuals, including children, were shot and injured. The Collin County sheriff has confirmed the news. Allegedly, the shooter is no more, as stated in a tweet by WFAA reporter Scoop Jefferson. Although the authorities have not confirmed it, eyewitness accounts suggest that there could be multiple fatalities.

The devastating incident began around 3:30 p.m. inside the shopping center. The police continued sweeping the shopping center’s premises, including each store, at 6 p.m. CBS 11 aired live interviews with a few people inside the shopping center when the shootings occurred. One man disclosed to the reporter that he and his fiancee were stranded inside one of the stores for approximately two hours in lockdown. The man went on to describe seeing two lifeless bodies as he was led out of the store and towards the perimeter of the shopping center located at 820 Stacy Road.

CNN reported at 5:53 p.m. that the law enforcement authorities had commenced a manhunt for a second suspect, but the information had not been officially confirmed. WFAA later reported, at 6:07 p.m., that a man they had interviewed confirmed hearing several gunshots before sighting another man dressed entirely in black from head-to-toe carrying an assault style rifle. The man stated that multiple persons were down.

During a media briefing at 6:45 p.m., Allen Police Chief Brian Harvey reported that the shooter had been “neutralized” by an Allen officer who responded to an unrelated call in the shopping center. The Fire Department of Allen representative stated that nine victims were taken to the hospital, but without disclosing their condition. It was also noted that some victims might have been transported to the hospital by private vehicles, and the total number of casualties remains undisclosed.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a statement claiming his contact with city officials and the Texas Department of Public Safety to ensure all the necessary resources are efficiently deployed. The specific location of the shooting incident inside the shopping center and the number of casualties remain unknown.

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