New Speed-Detection Cameras to be Installed in St. Lucie County School Zones

St. Lucie County Approves New Speed-Detection Cameras for School Zones

In an effort to crack down on drivers who exceed the speed limit, several school zones in St. Lucie County, Florida, are set to receive new speed-detection cameras. The technology was recently approved by county officials, who recognize the importance of ensuring the safety of students and pedestrians in these areas.

Residents of St. Lucie County have expressed concerns about the high number of drivers who fail to slow down in school zones. Doug Landers, a local resident, commented, “People, they don’t slow down as much as they should.” Landers is among the many residents who support the implementation of speed-detection cameras to address this issue.

To address the problem of speeding, nine school zones in the Fort Pierce area will soon be equipped with these new cameras. The system operates similarly to red-light cameras, capturing video footage of vehicles that exceed the speed limit during school hours when the warning lights are flashing. Erick Gill, the communications director of St. Lucie County, explained, “It’ll recognize that folks are going over 10 mph and take video of that license plate. They’ll be issued a citation from the sheriff’s office.”

Drivers caught speeding in these school zones could face a minimum fine of $100. Landers expressed his support for this initiative, stating that while most people can afford a $100 fine, higher fines of $500 or $1,000 would serve as a stronger deterrent, especially in school zones where the safety of children is at stake.

Parents in St. Lucie County, such as Brian Cottingham, welcome the installation of speed-detection cameras in school zones. Cottingham shared his concerns about the dangers posed by speeding vehicles near his child’s elementary school. “What if my kid was out there? What if someone’s not paying attention on their phone or something and comes flying down here at 55 mph, and there’s a whole group of kids in the crosswalk?” Cottingham asked.

Both the sheriff’s office and the school district have expressed their support for this effort to enhance safety in school zones. The installation of speed-detection cameras in these nine school zones is just the beginning. Gill explained, “We’ve seen an increase in speeders throughout the county but particularly in school zones, so we looked at county-maintained roads that were in school zones, and we’re starting with those.”

The county is currently in the process of selecting a vendor to install the cameras, with the goal of having them operational before the next school year. The full list of school zones where the speed-detection cameras will be located includes Fort Pierce Westwood Academy, Forest Grove Middle School, Independence Classical Academy, Lakewood Park Elementary (two school zones), Orange Avenue Baptist School, Samuel Gaines Academy, Weatherbee Elementary School, and White City Elementary.

The implementation of speed-detection cameras is expected to significantly reduce speeding violations in school zones, ensuring the safety of students and providing peace of mind for parents and residents in St. Lucie County.

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