New Restaurants Set to Open in Downtown Orlando

Three new eateries are preparing to open in downtown Orlando, contributing to the city’s ongoing efforts to attract business and revitalize the entertainment district. Each establishment will offer a unique culinary experience, adding diversity to the local dining scene.

One of the newcomers is Talkin’ Tacos, located at 3123 South Orange Ave. Originally established in South Florida, this taco joint will mark its Central Florida debut on November 17th. Renowned for their Birria, Talkin’ Tacos offers a variety of ways to enjoy this flavorful dish, including tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even ramen. Additionally, their menu features rice bowls, burritos, and street corn served in a cup. The restaurant’s humble beginnings trace back to the pandemic, when two childhood friends decided to share their favorite taco recipes with the community of Miramar through a food truck. Today, they proudly operate nine locations, with the Orlando branch being the latest addition.

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls, situated at 2 South Orange Ave., is another highly anticipated arrival. Although an opening date has yet to be announced, this Maine lobster restaurant already boasts five existing locations throughout Florida. Once operational, patrons can indulge in a wide selection of delectable offerings, ranging from classic lobster rolls to shrimp rolls and Connecticut rolls. Furthermore, Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls will also provide options such as lobster salad and soup, catering to diverse preferences.

White Rabbit, located at 27 East Robinson St., is set to transport diners back in time with its black-and-white New York City-inspired décor. The renowned chef behind the Michelin Guide restaurant, Maxine’s on Shine, is orchestrating the menu for this establishment, although an opening date has yet to be confirmed. Guests can anticipate a range of culinary delights, including seafood paella, lamb lollipops, and wagyu beef sliders. White Rabbit will serve lunch daily from 11 a.m., offering tapas, cocktails, and dinner options.

These new additions to downtown Orlando’s culinary landscape will undoubtedly invigorate the local dining scene. Moreover, they reflect the city’s commitment to providing diverse and exciting options for residents and visitors alike. It is worth noting that the development of new restaurants is not limited to downtown, as there are also upcoming openings on International Drive.

In conclusion, the imminent arrival of Talkin’ Tacos, Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls, and White Rabbit has generated considerable buzz among food enthusiasts in Orlando. Each establishment brings its own unique offerings and culinary experiences, contributing to the city’s ongoing transformation into a vibrant dining destination. As residents and visitors eagerly await their opening dates, anticipation is building for the addition of these exciting new venues to Orlando’s thriving food scene.

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