Neighbor’s peacock to be moved after pecking at children at San Antonio Botanical Gardens, ACS reports

Wild Peacock Relocated After Allegedly Pecking at Children in San Antonio

A wild peacock that had roamed free in the San Antonio neighborhood near Manke Park was humanely trapped and relocated after reportedly pecking at children during a private event held at the San Antonio Botanical Garden. According to the San Antonio Animal Control Service, the peacock – who had been named Kevin by area residents – was deemed a “threat” and subsequently removed from the community.

The incident sparked concern from several neighbors who had grown fond of the free-roaming fowl, and they reached out to local news station KSAT for help in bringing him back. “Kevin is a handsome peacock who was taken in by the Animal Control Service (ACS) after he was deemed a ‘threat’,” wrote one of the concerned residents in an email. “The threat arose after children taunted Kevin unsupervised at a private event at the Botanical Gardens.”

When contacted by KSAT, ACS spokeswoman Lisa Norwood confirmed the peacock’s removal, stating “People at that event, unfortunately, harassed the bird, and he played himself while people tried to take pictures and approached him, pecking at two small children.” She also added that Kevin was on his way to a new home where he would have access to a suitable environment and food, and that he was not in danger of being euthanized.

Noting that wild animals should not be kept as pets, Norwood reminded the public of the legality of it, and encouraged anyone who encounters a wild peacock to leave it alone. She did mention though that ACS typically handles several peacock-related calls each year, and that, for the most part, residents in the area seem to just enjoy their presence.

In a previous report by KSAT last year, it was revealed that San Antonio actually has several large demonstrations (a group of peafowl). Norwood also updated that the largest demo could be found in the Oak Hills area.

While it’s unclear at this time where exactly Kevin has ended up, Norwood’s reassurance that he’s safe and that he’ll have access to all he needs will bring some peace of mind to his fans in the Manke Park community.

Furthermore, a neighbor expressed that the community was unhappy with ACS’ quicker response to removing Kevin versus the known dangerous dogs that linger in the area.

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