Multiple crashes on NJ Turnpike; second serious incident in Chesterfield Twp.

UPDATE: August 16, 2023 – At precisely 3:57 p.m., a harrowing incident occurred on the inner roadway of the NJ Turnpike southbound at Mile Post 56.3 in Chesterfield, as confirmed by SFC Philip Curry of the New Jersey State Police, Office of Public Information. This distressing event involved a calamitous collision between four vehicles, resultantly leading to numerous roll-overs. Fortunately, only a single minor injury was reported, devoid of any life-threatening implications.

CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, NJ (BURLINGTON)– A truly unfortunate turn of events unfolded once again today along the southbound stretch of the New Jersey Turnpike, this time encompassing both its inner and outer lanes within the vicinity of mile post 56.3. The catastrophic episode, involving a multitude of vehicles, unfolded around 4:00 p.m., roughly two miles north of Exit 7. Primarily confined to the inner lanes, this calamity saw two vehicles precariously upturned, while two others became victim to exceedingly severe damages. In swift response, multiple entities, including Robbinsville Township, Bordentown Township, Chesterfield Township, NJ State Police, and EMS, diligently converged upon the scene of the distress, laboring tirelessly to resolve the situation. This calamity, fraught with entrapment, necessitated their utmost expertise.

Upon surveying the grim tableau at mile post 56.3 southbound, it became instantly apparent that the wreckage was confined to the left shoulder of the inner roadway. The remnants of a petite van adorned with emblems of labor lay lifelessly next to an upended Jeep, both bearing testimony to the enormity of the impact. On the contrary, an SUV, bearing unmistakable signs of devastation, stood as a testament to the sheer force engaged in this catastrophic occurrence. Closely flanking it, another vehicle, a pickup truck, also overturned with devastating consequences. However, the perennial question of one’s well-being remained shrouded in ambiguity, for the extent of the injuries sustained and any ensuing hospital transportation were unclear at this junction. This tense situation precipitated a monumental snarl that elongated the commute by an exasperating five miles, stretching all the way back to Exit 7A-Robbinsville-I-195.

It is important to note that merely hours prior to this alarming incident, a separate crash involving a truck transpired at approximately 11:00 a.m. along the right shoulder of the outer roadway. Presently, the involvement of additional vehicles within this afternoon’s tragedy remains uncertain. Understandably, the New Jersey State Police have undertaken the arduous task of meticulously investigating the events leading up to this distressing episode. Interested readers can delve further into the earlier account of this event by accessing the provided link.

As the community grapples with the repercussions of this profoundly disheartening incident, it is vital that utmost caution be exercised while navigating these roadways. Instances such as these serve as a poignant reminder of the unpredictable nature of our existence and the paramount importance of utmost vigilance.

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