More charges against the former Keller ISD band director who has been arrested last October for exposing himself to a student

Keller, TX – The 36-year-old Jedidiah Maus accused for exposing himself to a student was arrested and charged last October, but he is now facing additional charges after more victims decided to speak against him, multiple reports say.

Last October, the now former Keller ISD band director was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to a student for an incident that happened in a boy’s bathroom at Bear Creek Intermediate School.

The arrest came following an investigation after the victim told his parents who later notified the school district. The investigators were able to find at least two more victims involved in similar incidents with the school employee.

According to the investigation, the incidents happened over the past few years and the first incident allegedly happened back in 2015. Once the school employee was publicly exposed, police say that even more potential victims came forward accusing Maus for similar incidents.

Maus worked at both Bear Creek Intermediate and Keller Middle School. He is now charged with 17 counts of indecency with a child, improper relationship between educator and student and sexual contact with a child.

Court documents detail a pattern of Maus allegedly engaging in various acts with young boys in student restrooms.

Detective Bethany Todd with Keller PD who is in charge of this case, said that she, her team and other police employees were able to perform detailed investigation about the accusations. The authorities started the investigation about the incidents last September when a school resource officer tipped them once the parents informed the district.

“I was informed that there was a potential exposure that had occurred in one of the bathrooms at the school,” she said.

During the investigation, the detectives found out that at least two more students have been involved in similar incidents. Maus was charged with three counts of indecency last fall. The police decided to make a public tip line for more potential victims and in the next two months, dozens of people called leading the police to even more potential victims.

Mid-January, Maus was arrested and charged with 14 additional charges and almost all of them were felonies. He was again out on a bond later that month.

“The amount of charges that we had, this was definitely new territory,” detective Todd said.

Once Maus faced the first charges last fall, he was fired from the school district, something that Keller ISD officials also confirmed. The district will continue to cooperate with the authorities in the upcoming period. Since his first arrest, Maus has retained an attorney and is cooperating with the police. contributed to this report.

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