Monday early morning shooting outside nightclub in Dallas results with one person killed, the suspect fled the scene, police

Dallas, Texas – Monday early morning shooting incident in Uptown Dallas ended up to be fatal for one person, local authorities confirmed.

According to the incident report, the fatal shooting took place near the Sidebar on Howell Street around 2 a.m.

People who witnessed the incident confirmed two men were in some kind of disturbance before the shooting. At one point, one of them pulled out a gun and fired several shots.

Right after the shooting, the shooting suspect fled the scene and he is still at large.

When officers arrived at the scene, the victim was still alive, but in critical condition. He was treated at the scene and immediately transferred to hospital for treatment when he later died.

The witnesses were only able to give police a vague description of the suspect. Investigators are now reviewing video from security cameras to try to identify him.

There is ongoing investigation about the deadly incident. So far, no arrests have been made. contributed to this report.

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