Miss Texas 2022, Averie Bishop, Declares Bid for State Legislature

Richardson, Texas – Averie Bishop, the former Miss Texas who has gained recognition for openly voicing her concerns about state GOP leaders, declared on Tuesday her intent to challenge state Representative Angie Chen Button, a Republican from Richardson. The 26-year-old Bishop disclosed her decision to run as a Democrat for House District 112, an enduringly competitive region located in northeastern Dallas County.

“I know what it’s like to grow up in a small town and never witness leaders who resemble me, let alone those who fought for me,” expressed Bishop in a statement. “It’s high time for the next generation of Texans to take the lead – to safeguard our state’s environment and economy, to protect our schools and our right to education, and to genuinely represent the majority of this extraordinary state.”

Bishop has made history by being the first Asian contestant to be crowned Miss Texas, a commendable feat achieved after 85 years of the pageant’s existence. If elected, she would also become the first Filipino American to serve in the Legislature. It is noteworthy that Button, who herself hails from an Asian background, is an immigrant from Taiwan, with her parents having fled communist China.

As Miss Texas 2022, Bishop has taken an uncommonly vocal stance for a pageant winner, openly criticizing Republican leadership on contentious subjects, namely abortion, gun control, and racial matters. Earning considerable popularity on social media, Bishop boasts an impressive 841,000 followers on TikTok. While this marks Bishop’s inaugural run for public office, her campaign has already attracted attention, having filed a campaign treasurer appointment for District 112 in the previous week, which permits her to commence fundraising efforts.

Button, an incumbent who has served in the House since 2009, is no stranger to arduous political campaigns. In the 2020 election, she secured re-election by a margin of fewer than 300 votes, even as President Joe Biden carried her district with a lead of 9 percentage points. Although redistricting has rendered the district more conservative, with the new boundaries indicating a defeat for Biden by a margin of less than 1 point, Button still managed to triumph over her Democratic adversary by a significant margin of 10 points.

Moreover, Button currently holds the position of chairperson on the House International Relations and Economic Development Committee, signifying her influence and stature within the state legislature.

The battle between Bishop and Button in House District 112 will undoubtedly captivate the attention of both local and national audiences, as these two candidates of Asian heritage vie for political influence and the chance to represent the people of this fiercely contested region.

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