METRO joins the USDOT initiative to reduce road traffic fatalities in the United States

KPRC Click2Houston recently hosted Chief Safety Officer Santiago Osorio to discuss METRO’s efforts to improve road safety and reduce fatalities in response to the USDOT’s call to action. With the number of trafficking fatalities in the United States alarming and on the rise, it is imperative that a broad coalition of stakeholders including government, advocacy organizations, and private companies work together to mitigate this crisis. One such coalition is METRO, which is committed to supporting the USDOT’s National Highway Safety Strategy.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were over 46,000 deaths due to automobile crashes in 2022. Cracking down on this safety issue requires an all-inclusive effort to address the challenges expeditiously. As part of their program, METRO aims to reduce road deaths by implementing a sustainable plan which includes several initiatives to support USDOT’s secure system.

The METRO campaign includes ongoing support to Vision Zero initiatives, a transformative plan to address the needs of Houston’s streets and reduce accidents by building better roads and intersections. METRO has been a proud partner of Vision Zero Houston since 2020, and the organization continues to work with organizations to improve the safety of the region’s roadways.

Moreover, METRO is promoting initiatives to prioritize safety and accessibility when designing road and transit facilities to accommodate people of all ages and abilities. The plan aims to create a safe environment where both drivers and pedestrians can thrive, with the objective of reducing the number of accidents on Houston’s roads.

METRO intends to explore innovative ways to support safe mobility for all of its road users while emphasizing its mission to provide safe, clean, reliable, accessible, and friendly transportation services to a diverse population.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy that with support from various stakeholders, including METRO, the government, advocacy organizations, and private companies, there is hope that the alarming rate of fatalities on American roads can be mitigated. The efforts by organizations such as METRO to promote safe transportation are significant steps towards achieving pedestrian safety awareness, which will prompt safer driving and reduce automobile-related fatalities altogether.

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