Medina County’s Brushfire Battled by Dedicated Firefighters

Two Separate Fires Ravage Mico, Texas

In a distressing turn of events, fire officials in Medina County reported that two brushfires broke out in the Mico area on Sunday night. The occurrence of two fires in such close proximity created a hazardous situation that required immediate attention.

The initial fire sparked off the 3500 block of Country Road 265, compelling officials to swiftly react. To their dismay, shortly after addressing the first fire, they discovered another blaze in the 800 block of the same road. This forced them to simultaneously battle both fires until 9:15 p.m., when the first fire finally subsided, permitting all available resources to converge on the second threat.

While the reduction in fire activity was observed after sunset, authorities issued a stark warning about the impending danger as the following day promised to bring increased heat and wind. It was crucial to maintain vigilance and preparedness for any potential escalation in the situation. Texas Forestry was promptly mobilized to provide overnight monitoring and support to mitigate further damage.

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