Maxwell Frost Organizes Vigil, Addressing Devastating Impact of Gun Violence

Orlando, Fla. – Congressman Maxwell Frost hosted a poignant vigil on Sunday, urging the community to unite in solidarity with those affected by the devastating issue of gun violence. Frost, a seasoned lawmaker, emphasized that gun violence is a uniquely American problem, one that is relentlessly tearing lives apart.

Eagle Nest Park served as the solemn gathering place for dozens of individuals on Sunday evening. While some shared their profound grief, others attentively listened to the heart-wrenching stories that unfolded. Among those who bravely recounted their experiences was Brandi Major, whose life was irrevocably altered by a tragic incident. Major and her 9-year-old daughter T’yonna Major were shot at their home in Pine Hills, resulting in the devastating loss of T’yonna’s young life.

Reflecting on her harrowing ordeal, Major expressed, “A bullet wound may heal, but the agony in my heart from losing my child is an unrelenting pain that surpasses all.” Her words resonated deeply with the audience, serving as a stark reminder of the profound impact of gun violence on individuals and families.

Casey Lyons, the fiancée of the late News 13 reporter Dylan Lyons, also shared her heart-wrenching journey, highlighting how gun violence had unexpectedly turned their lives upside down. Lyons lamented, “We never imagined that one day Dylan would become the story. The person responsible for his untimely demise has irreparably shattered our lives.”

Notably, the vigil also provided a space for city, county, and state leaders to honor the memories of others who had tragically lost their lives to gun violence. One such victim was a 6-year-old child who fell victim to a drive-by shooting in Orlando just last month.

Orlando City Commissioner Bakari Burns passionately emphasized the urgent need to retrieve firearms from individuals who are terrorizing the community. “We have gathered here today to unequivocally declare that enough is enough,” Burns declared, urging decisive action to combat the pervasive issue of gun violence.

Additionally, leaders such as Orange County School Board member Vicki Felder affirmed their commitment to rectifying the problem, particularly in safeguarding the lives of children. Felder announced the formation of a task force aimed at engaging the community and implementing effective solutions.

Orange County Commissioner Mike Scott stressed that the solution to curbing gun violence lies in consistent collaboration between federal and state partners. Scott passionately called for a united front in the fight for change, underscoring the necessity of sustained effort until tangible progress is achieved.

As the vigil drew to a close, the resounding message echoed through the hearts and minds of all in attendance: the urgency to confront and overcome the scourge of gun violence. It is through collective determination, unwavering advocacy, and resolute action that the community will strive towards a safer and more secure future.

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