Martin County resident describes tornado experience as resembling scenes from the movie “Twister”.

An EF0 tornado touched down in Martin County on Monday, as confirmed by the National Weather Service. The sight of the tornado did not come as a surprise to those who witnessed it, as it resembled scenes from the movie “Twister.” Michelle King of Palm City described the experience, stating that she felt like she was in the movie herself. King and her horse, Tyler, were returning from a barn at Dreamland Farms when they spotted the tornado.

Describing the tornado, King mentioned that it was spinning at an incredible speed, with visible debris swirling in a circle. Realizing the danger, she urged the two girls working at the barn to seek shelter and quickly made her way inside her own home. Reflecting on the unexpected turn of events, King humorously remarked that running from a tornado was not on her list of things to do that day.

The pig barn at the farm suffered the most damage, with broken fences and snapped trees scattered throughout the property. Mike McCarthy, another witness of the tornado, described some of the destruction caused by the storm. McCarthy pointed out that their riding arena, which once housed a course of jumps, was now a flooded area. The Canopy Creek neighborhood, less than 2 miles away, also experienced the force of the tornado. McCarthy mentioned that they witnessed a neighbor’s trampoline being lifted 400 feet in the air, reminiscent of Dorothy’s experience in “The Wizard of Oz.” McCarthy’s roof lost a few tiles, and a neighboring house under construction was also damaged.

Residents in the area, many of whom have lived through numerous hurricanes, expressed their astonishment at the tornado and hoped to never encounter such an event again in the future. The experience was described as unlike anything they had ever witnessed before.

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