Man drowns in lake on Heritage Mineral Property in Howell Township

On the morning of Saturday, June 22, 2024, a tragic incident unfolded at a renowned privately-owned 7000-acre expanse in Manchester Township, New Jersey. The unfortunate turn of events involved a 33-year-old Howell Township resident, Edwin Toro-Mejia, who, in flagrant violation of the law, ventured onto the Heritage Mineral property. Alongside other individuals, Toro-Mejia sought to engage in a swimming expedition at Crystal Lake around 09:30 am. However, during the endeavor, Toro-Mejia, accompanied by a juvenile family member, encountered a muscle cramp in his leg while attempting to traverse the lake. Subsequently, distress overcame him merely thirty yards from the lake’s perimeter, leading to a desperate struggle for survival as he grappled with the treacherous waters.

Promptly responding to the distress call, the Manchester Township Police Department swiftly mobilized a rescue operation, bolstered by the collaborative efforts of the Manchester Township EMS and a consortium of volunteer fire departments from Ridgeway, Whiting, Lakehurst, Lacey, Toms River, and South Toms River. In a concerted effort to locate and extricate Toro-Mejia from the perilous waters, the Lanoka Harbor and Ocean Beach Search and Rescue Squads, alongside the New Jersey State Police Aviation Unit, lent their expertise to the operation. After an exhaustive search spanning approximately ninety minutes, Toro-Mejia was eventually recovered in an unresponsive state. Tragically, all resuscitative efforts proved futile, and he was formally pronounced deceased at the scene. Preliminary investigations strongly suggest that the drowning incident was a regrettable accident, underlining the inherent dangers associated with unsanctioned recreational activities on private property.

In the wake of this harrowing episode, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department Crime Scene Investigation Unit and the Ocean County Medical Examiner’s Office have been enlisted to provide crucial insights into the circumstances surrounding Toro-Mejia’s untimely demise. Authorities urge any eyewitnesses present at the scene of the tragedy to come forward and assist in shedding light on the sequence of events that led to the fatal outcome. Furthermore, the Manchester Township Police Department issues a stern reminder to the general public regarding the restricted access to the Heritage Minerals or “ASARCO” site, emphasizing the criminal repercussions of trespassing on the premises. Stringent penalties, including hefty fines and potential incarceration, await those who flout the clearly demarcated boundaries of the property, underscoring the paramount importance of adhering to posted regulations for the sake of public safety.

As the community grapples with the somber aftermath of this incident, the poignant image captured by the Whiting Fire Company Sta. 33 serves as a poignant reminder of the inherent risks associated with unauthorized entry onto restricted lands. In honoring the memory of Edwin Toro-Mejia, it is incumbent upon all individuals to heed the cautionary tale emanating from this tragedy and exercise utmost vigilance when navigating potentially hazardous environments. The indelible imprint left by this unfortunate loss serves as a sobering testament to the imperative of respecting private property boundaries and prioritizing personal safety above all else, in a solemn pledge to prevent similar misfortunes from recurring in the future.

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