Man crashes into staff at car show in The Villages

A man from The Villages found himself in handcuffs over the weekend after a disturbing incident at a car show in Lady Lake, as reported by the Lady Lake Police Department. Responding to distressing reports of a collision, law enforcement swiftly arrived at the scene situated at the intersection of Alverez Avenue and Main Street on Saturday afternoon.

Upon their arrival, first responders were already attending to a staff member who had been involved in the crash. The injured worker revealed that a man by the name of Anthony Guerra, aged 76, had grown increasingly hostile and confrontational after being denied access to the show, according to the affidavit. Due to his aggressive behavior, Guerra was swiftly asked to exit the premises.

However, matters escalated dramatically as investigators pieced together the unfolding events. Guerra, in a fit of rage, purportedly flung a piece of paper at another staff member before deliberately reversing his vehicle into the unsuspecting victim. The worker was promptly rushed to the hospital for medical attention, while the authorities initiated a search for Guerra.

During questioning, Guerra claimed that the staff had allowed another group of cars to enter the event ahead of him, despite his own exclusion. Investigators further discovered that Guerra alleged the victim had directed an offensive remark at him, which allegedly prompted his ill-fated decision to reverse his car. Nevertheless, Guerra asserted that he failed to notice the victim until they were already positioned at the back of his vehicle, as documented in the records.

Subsequently, the authorities took Guerra into custody, charging him with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. However, Guerra’s time behind bars was short-lived, as he was released on Sunday after posting a $5,000 bond. The repercussions of his actions, however, are likely far from over.

This regrettable incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining composure and civility, particularly in public settings. The victim, whose life was disrupted by the senseless act of violence, will undoubtedly require time to recover from their injuries. As Lady Lake attempts to heal from this unsettling occurrence, the community must come together to support the victim and ensure that justice is served.

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