Man arrested for theft, accused of failing to finish paid home projects

San Antonio police and investigators made an arrest on Wednesday afternoon in connection with a case of theft. The suspect, identified as Neil Raymond Melendrez, 46, is now facing felony charges for stealing an amount ranging between $2,500 and $30,000, as confirmed by authorities.

The incident dates back to October 2 when Melendrez was hired to construct a metal carport. As part of the agreement, he received a deposit of $5,200 and proceeded to install nine metal posts. However, the victim’s attempts to reach Melendrez for the completion of the project proved futile. Despite an additional payment request of $3,100, totaling $8,300, Melendrez failed to return and finish the job.

Another incident occurred on October 6, when Melendrez was hired to build a patio. Initially, the victim paid him $2,000, but Melendrez subsequently demanded two more checks, each amounting to $1,300. Again, Melendrez failed to fulfill his obligations, and the victim’s attempts to contact him went unanswered.

Authorities have also discovered a similar incident in 2021, although detailed information is currently limited. In that case, a victim hired Melendrez for work on a house project, which he never completed.

In addition to the theft allegations, authorities have revealed that Melendrez attempted to intimidate the victims by threatening to sue them. This further adds to the severity of the charges against him.

The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) is urging the public to come forward with any information they may have regarding Melendrez. They believe that there may be multiple victims who have yet to come forward.

During his perp walk, Melendrez maintained his innocence by asserting that he is not guilty of the charges brought against him.

This ongoing investigation highlights the importance of vigilance when hiring contractors and serves as a reminder for individuals to thoroughly research and vet their prospective hires to avoid falling victim to similar incidents. The SAPD encourages anyone with relevant information to assist in their efforts to bring justice to any additional victims affected by Neil Raymond Melendrez’s alleged criminal activities.

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