Loxahatchee resident accepts reduced plea for May road-rage incident

Loxahatchee Man Receives One-Year Prison Sentence and Four Years Probation in Road-Rage Case

In a recent development, Robert Lee Harris, a 38-year-old resident of Loxahatchee, has been sentenced to one year in prison and four years of probation. The sentencing comes after Harris accepted a plea deal for felony battery with great bodily harm, following a road-rage incident that took place in May. Circuit Court Judge Jeffrey Gillen delivered the sentence on Friday, concluding the case that was originally scheduled for a jury trial.

Initially facing charges of attempted murder, Harris chose to take the plea deal, thereby avoiding a potentially lengthy trial. As part of the agreement, he will serve a year in prison and be placed on probation for four years. It is noteworthy that Harris had already spent 112 days in the Palm Beach County Jail, receiving credit for this period.

The incident occurred on the evening of May 18, when a distress call was made to emergency services at approximately 10:50 p.m. A woman reported that her boyfriend had been shot during a road-rage altercation, with a three-year-old child present in their vehicle. The wounded victim was promptly transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center, where Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office investigators interviewed him before he underwent surgery. The victim sustained gunshot wounds to the left arm pit and shoulder area.

Although the identities of the family members involved have not been disclosed, it was established that they were traveling in a “side by side” utility task vehicle while heading south on B Road. The victim’s girlfriend alleged that a white camper truck deliberately veered into their lane, attempting to force them into the adjacent canal. Reacting to this dangerous maneuver, the victim maneuvered his vehicle to give chase, eventually bringing both parties to a halt outside the suspect’s residence in the 3300 block of B Road.

According to investigators’ findings, the victim approached Harris to confront him about the earlier incident. At this point, the victim’s girlfriend claims that Harris made an unsuccessful attempt to physically assault the victim. However, Harris later provided a conflicting account, asserting that the victim had attacked him by punching his head and face thrice. Yet, no evidence could substantiate Harris’ claim of being assaulted by the victim.

The situation quickly escalated as the victim’s girlfriend heard two gunshots ring out, adding further intensity to the already volatile situation. The precise events leading up to the gunshots, as well as the circumstances surrounding them, remain under scrutiny. The investigation continues, with law enforcement agencies working diligently to uncover the truth and ascertain clear facts about this distressing incident.

As this case draws to a close with the sentencing of Robert Lee Harris, it serves as a reminder of the consequences of road-rage incidents and the need to curb such behavior. The incident highlighted the potential dangers and risks faced by innocent motorists and their families when confronted with aggressive and reckless driving actions. The community hopes that this verdict will act as a deterrent, prompting individuals to exercise caution and refrain from engaging in reckless behavior that can lead to harm and tragedy on our roads.

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