Loved ones express dissatisfaction with police shooting response

Newly Released Body Camera Footage Shows Fatal Shooting During an Attempted Arrest in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas – On July 16, an attempted arrest tragically ended in gunfire, resulting in the death of 30-year-old Adrian San Martin, according to authorities. The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) has released body camera footage of the incident, sparking a strong reaction from the community.

Adrian San Martin was wanted for multiple outstanding felony warrants, remarked SAPD spokesperson Lt. Michelle Ramos. Acting on a tip, the police discovered that San Martin was staying at the WoodSpring Suites near I-35 and Eisenhauer Road. After approximately four hours of surveillance, officers observed San Martin leaving his hotel room and entering his vehicle.

The video footage reveals two officers approaching San Martin’s vehicle with their weapons drawn. The tense situation quickly escalates, resulting in gunfire. Xalli Stefanic, a close friend of San Martin, expressed her dissatisfaction with the way the situation unfolded, stating, “It could have been handled so much differently. I don’t think they should have rushed him; everybody had their guns out the way they did. Especially since they caught him at a very vulnerable moment getting out of his vehicle.”

Stefanic, emotionally affected by the video, shared, “I can’t watch that video again. It was a lot. The world can think what they want, but I knew him as a person.” Another friend, Adrian Iruegas, described the video as heart-wrenching and added, “I have no words. I understand officers were doing their job, but he wasn’t a threat.”

Despite claims that San Martin was in possession of a firearm, his friends maintain that they did not witness him brandish the weapon. The footage shows San Martin sprinting toward the access road, at which point officers in a patrol car fire shots through the windshield, striking him. Stefanic asserted, “I know he was scared.”

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus confirmed that the patrol vehicle did not make physical contact with San Martin. Efforts were made to save his life, and he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Tragically, San Martin succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical care.

While acknowledging that San Martin was not a perfect, law-abiding citizen, Stefanic emphasized his positive qualities, stating, “He wasn’t just a felon. Despite everything, he was a great human being. We are going to be able to live with that forever – how much he cared about his friends.” Stefanic and Iruegas are now demanding accountability and urging for charges to be filed against the officers involved in the shooting.

Investigations into incidents involving the use of deadly force can be a lengthy process, often taking up to a year to complete, according to Lt. Ramos. Currently, the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office is reviewing the case to determine any potential legal actions.

The release of the body camera footage has ignited a passionate response from the community, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in law enforcement. As this case unfolds, people are anxiously awaiting the outcome of the investigations and hoping for justice to be served.

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