Lone Survivor of Davis Stabbings Shares Terrifying Experience

The brutal Davis stabbings that claimed two innocent lives and left several other victims maimed have sent shock waves through the town, igniting a heated debate over homeless safety. Now, the only survivor of the gruesome attack has boldly broken her silence and revisited her harrowing experience from her hospital bed.

Kimberlee Guillory, a destitute woman residing in Davis, recounted the spine-chilling tale of the terror that unfurled last week. Her nights were tormented with the fear of a surprise attack after two individuals, a UC Davis student, and another impoverished man fell prey to the same ghastly fate she herself subsequently endured.

The unsuspecting Guillory had her world turned upside down on Monday when she was jolted awake by a man brandishing a knife, who then slashed her tent open and began to viciously attack her. Guillory, in a state of fear and confusion, initially mistook the blows as incoming punches and was unaware that she was being repeatedly stabbed.

The traumatized victim spoke candidly to NBC affiliate KCRA from her hospital bed, and her deep-seated fear, pain, and struggle to survive shone through in her account of this senseless act of violence. “I was so scared. Everything just went kind of black from there. I had been losing so much blood at that point and my dog. I was trying to keep my baby from getting hurt. I didn’t want him to hurt my dog,” said Guillory.

Thankfully, Guillory’s dog, a loyal friend, and companion throughout her ordeal, escaped unscathed and is presently being taken care of by her close associates. Despite the physical and emotional trauma, Guillory expressed gratitude for her life, taken away in a flash from victims of the same brutal attack, and for her testimony leading to the swift arrest of Carlos Dominguez.

Dominguez, a 21-year-old Davis resident, was presented in front of the court, where he pled not guilty to charges of murder and attempted murder. Dominguez’s preliminary hearing has been set for Monday, where the court will assess evidence in the case.

As the case unfolds, the city of Davis is left to reflect on this horrific tragedy and the future of its vulnerable homeless community in the face of growing insecurity.

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