LocalSprout Food Hub now offering direct sales to the public

Pulp Coffee Company, a renowned locally sourced food co-op on the east side, is set to revolutionize the way the public purchases gourmet foods. In an unprecedented move, Pulp Coffee will now offer customers the opportunity to buy directly from the source, marking a significant milestone for the industry.

James Mireles, co-founder of Pulp Coffee, expressed his excitement, exclaiming, “Crushed it!” after flawlessly pouring a captivating design on top of his latte creation. Although Mireles has been working with coffee for years, Pulp has primarily operated as a coffee wholesaler since joining LocalSprout Food Hub back in 2016.

Operating within LocalSprout’s expansive 16,000 square-foot warehouse, Pulp is one of 18 businesses that specialize in locally sourced foods. This co-op, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, has been instrumental in supporting businesses like Pulp and fostering a vibrant community of producers.

Mitch Hagney, the founder of LocalSprout, reflected on the journey leading up to this momentous occasion, stating, “For us, we take all of this day by day, and it has been a really long journey to get here.” Hagney further emphasized the crucial role played by Pulp and other exceptional producers in sustaining LocalSprout throughout the years.

While LocalSprout has been instrumental in providing fresh, locally sourced foods to the San Antonio community through restaurants and high-end grocers, it was previously inaccessible to the general public. However, thanks to Pulp Coffee’s new storefront, this barrier has finally been broken, enabling customers to experience the quality and freshness firsthand.

Nevertheless, Pulp Coffee is not your ordinary coffee shop. Customers will have the unique opportunity to purchase products not only from Pulp but from all the other remarkable businesses operating within LocalSprout. As Hagney explained, these products are made just behind the coffee shop, highlighting the proximity and authenticity of the offerings.

Amber Goulden, the owner of Sprinkles And Spoons, a gluten-free bakery, moved her business into LocalSprout to ensure the utmost safety and avoid cross-contamination. She expressed her excitement about selling her baked goods out of Pulp Coffee, emphasizing the significance of having a daily place for customers to access their favorite items.

Hagney emphasized that LocalSprout houses businesses that span various sectors of the food economy, including ice cream makers, specialty sauce manufacturers, hydroponic crop producers, and gourmet restaurant-serving ranchers. By making these products accessible at Pulp Coffee, customers can transform their own kitchens into gourmet havens.

The introduction of Pulp Coffee as a retail space signifies a groundbreaking shift, allowing the public to directly purchase these high-quality foods from the source. Mireles believes that the freshness and superior taste of the products they offer will speak for themselves, distinguishing them from anything else on the market.

In conclusion, Pulp Coffee’s new storefront within LocalSprout Food Hub opens up a world of possibilities for food enthusiasts in San Antonio. By bringing together a diverse range of businesses under one roof, Pulp Coffee has created an unparalleled shopping experience that celebrates the best of locally sourced, gourmet foods.

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