Local Veteran’s Storage Unit Robbed of $20K Worth of Sentimental Property

A storage facility on the northwest side of San Antonio experienced a theft, resulting in the loss of approximately $20,000 worth of property. The victim of this incident is a San Antonio veteran who had stored sentimental tools acquired during his time as a mechanic after leaving the Army. These items hold great personal value to him, as they represent a cherished period in his life and were intended to be passed down to loved ones.

The veteran, Joshua Gomez, had moved his belongings to Extra Space Storage at 8378 Culebra two months ago. Two weeks ago, he noticed that one of the locks to his storage unit had stopped working. Gomez made several attempts to fix the lock but was unsuccessful. It became evident to him that the lock had been replaced after he had moved in.

However, it wasn’t until Saturday that Gomez discovered the extent of the damage. His girlfriend called him to the storage unit to report a missing mattress, and upon inspection, Gomez found that all of his tools were gone. These tools, including sockets, wrenches, ratchets, and craftsman sockets, held immense value to him and were kept in an empty drawer in his unit. Gomez immediately notified the facility management and filed a police report.

This incident has left Gomez feeling frustrated and angry, comparing his emotions to that of a child who has lost their toys. During a visit to his storage unit, it was noticed that cameras were installed outside the facility and near the main entrance. However, no cameras were found on the second floor where Gomez’s unit was located. He did find a piece of a purple rubber glove left behind by the intruders, which he believes may be a clue.

Gomez pays a monthly fee of $114 for his storage unit, which includes a $10,000 insurance policy covering his belongings. He hopes that the initials “JG” engraved on some of his tools will make them easier to identify if they are recovered. In a message to the thieves, Gomez stated, “All I can say is may God have mercy on your soul.”

McKall Morris, the Communications and Sustainability Manager at Extra Space Storage, has assured that the company is assisting Gomez with his insurance claim. In a statement to KENS 5, Morris emphasized the company’s commitment to safety and stated that they are cooperating with local authorities in their investigation. Additionally, they will be reviewing security measures at the facility to identify areas for improvement.

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