Local restaurant struggles with crawfish shortage along Gulf Coast

Louisiana’s ongoing drought continues to impact crawfish production, resulting in changes in size and price, adding to the challenges faced during this year’s Mardi Gras celebrations. While most people across the country are experiencing an ordinary Tuesday, Louisiana is embracing the spirit of Fat Tuesday in full force.

Although restaurants and festivities in San Antonio are attempting to recreate the authentic Louisiana feel, finding an adequate supply of crawfish along the Gulf Coast has proven to be a formidable task this Mardi Gras season. Fish City Grill, for instance, managed to include crawfish on their menu today, but obtaining the crustaceans was no easy feat.

Rocky Cheek, the general manager of Fish City Grill, expressed his concerns, stating, “As a matter of fact, I erased it off the chalkboard for a minute, you know, thinking man there just might not be a there just might be a chance that we won’t get it for Mardi Gras.” The scarcity of crawfish has become a topic of discussion, even on social media platforms, with Rania Kaur sharing a tweet showcasing the restaurant’s festive atmosphere and the challenges faced in acquiring crawfish this year.

The drought in Louisiana has had a significant impact on crawfish production, as explained by Cheek. “What’s happening right now is we’re getting more field run crawfish,” he said. “So you’re going to have some of the smaller ones mixed in with the big ones instead of getting like a graded kind of crawfish.” This change in production has also led to a rise in prices. Cheek revealed that the current price stands at $13.99 per pound, an elevation compared to the average of $7.99 or even $6.99 per pound during this time of year. Despite the higher cost, Cheek expressed gratitude for having crawfish available again, acknowledging the unpredictability of this year’s peak season.

The combination of the drought’s impact on crawfish production and the subsequent rise in prices has created a unique challenge for crawfish enthusiasts during this Mardi Gras season. However, the determination to celebrate remains strong, and restaurants like Fish City Grill are working diligently to provide customers with a taste of Louisiana, even in the face of adversity. With optimism and perseverance, crawfish lovers can still savor the flavors of Mardi Gras despite the current difficulties faced by the industry.

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