Lawsuit alleges customer injured and soiled after toilet explosion at Florida Dunkin’ store

Dunkin’ Faces Lawsuit After Customer Claims Injury from Exploding Toilet

ORLANDO, Fla. — Dunkin’ is facing a negligence lawsuit from a disgruntled customer who alleges he sustained injuries after an incident involving an exploding toilet at one of the popular coffee chain’s locations in central Florida.

The lawsuit, filed on Wednesday in state court in Orlando, was brought forth by Paul Kerouac, who is seeking damages exceeding $100,000. Kerouac claims that he suffered “severe and long-term injuries” as a result of a toilet explosion that occurred in the men’s room of a Dunkin’ establishment in Winter Park, Florida, approximately one year ago.

Following the unfortunate incident, Kerouac emerged from the men’s room, covered in human feces, urine, and debris, in search of assistance from the staff and store manager, according to the lawsuit. As per the legal document, an employee acknowledged the existence of prior toilet-related issues without delving into specific details about the explosion.

In an attempt to gather additional information regarding the extent of Kerouac’s injuries, his attorney, Scott Spradley, was contacted via email on Thursday. However, Spradley expressed his unavailability to respond to inquiries until the following day. Meanwhile, Dunkin’, headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, remained silent and did not promptly provide a comment when contacted via email.

According to the lawsuit, Kerouac has suffered “bodily injury” as a result of the incident, necessitating ongoing mental health treatment and counseling since the unsettling occurrence in January 2022.

The lawsuit against Dunkin’ highlights the severity of the alleged incident and raises concerns about the safety and maintenance standards at the coffee chain’s facilities. As this legal battle unfolds, attention will turn to the response from Dunkin’ and the steps it takes to address and rectify any potential issues to ensure the safety and well-being of its customers.

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