Latest on Allen Outlet’s Mass Shooting: FBI and Texas DPS Update

During a news conference held on Tuesday, authorities did not disclose any new information about the Allen mass shooting. Officials from various agencies, including the Allen Police Department, the FBI, and the Texas Department of Public Safety, primarily confirmed details about the killer, Mauricio Garcia, who murdered eight people before being shot by a police officer.

The police chief of Allen, Brian Harvey, commended the officer who shot Garcia for his exemplary actions but refused to reveal his name while the investigation continues. The chief also acknowledged Christian LaCour, a 20-year-old H&M security guard, who helped people to safety and was killed while on duty.

Hank Sibley, the Texas DPS Regional Director, confirmed that Garcia had multiple weapons on him on the day of the shooting. Sibley revealed that all of the firearms, including three on his person and five in his vehicle, were legally acquired to the best knowledge of the law enforcement department. Sibley also confirmed that Garcia had “neo-Nazi ideation,” with tattoos and patches indicative of these beliefs.

While the investigating agencies have yet to identify the motive behind the shooting, Sibley revealed during the press conference that they believe Garcia targeted the location rather than specific individuals, during the three to four minutes that the killing took place. The conference also had limited questions, with a media member asking if there could ever be a way to prevent mass shootings. While addressing the question, Sibley stated that reporting the requirements regarding military discharges have changed significantly since 2008, when Garcia was reportedly discharged.

The names and ages of the victims who died on Saturday were released on Monday gradually through media sources, with authorities officially revealing the names of the adults who died and ages of each victim on Monday evening. The victims included Aishwarya Thatikonda, 26, who was an engineer and moved to McKinney from India, Elio Cumana-Rivas, 32, from Dallas, Danielle Mendoza, 11, and Sofia Mendoza, 8, of Wylie, amongst others.

In an indictment of Garcia’s suspected white supremacist beliefs, Rolling Stone reported that Garcia wore an “RWDS” patch on his tactical vest, which stands for “Right Wing Death Squad.” The Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group, popularized this phrase. According to multiple outlets, Garcia had previously worked as a security guard and was living in an extended-stay hotel in Dallas.

During Tuesday’s press conference, Chief Harvey assured victims and families that resources and help were available to them, with details about victim counseling and family assistance funds listed on the city of Allen’s website.

The shooting has been widely condemned, and the police are investigating the incident thoroughly to understand the killer’s motivation and prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.

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