Lady Bobcats of South San Antonio High School advance to Regional Quarterfinals

In a recent partnership between KCAT and the local publication Live from the South, a story was published highlighting the Lady Bobcats of South San Antonio High School and their impressive softball season. The team went undefeated in district games, winning two district and provincial championships. Additionally, their junior varsity team had a successful performance with a 24-2 overall record over two seasons, going 13-0 this year and 11-2 last year.

The Lady Bobcats’ varsity team, currently on an 18-game winning streak with a score of 28-7, boasts many outstanding players, such as senior Daniel Olvera at shortstop, senior Catalina Alvarado at catcher and third base, and senior Jocelyn Perez as a pitcher and outfielder. Other notable players include senior outfielder Chrislyn Robles, freshman Leia Lake, and junior Trinity Elias. Moreover, the coaching staff, comprising head coach Raymond Castillo and assistant coaches Onofre Rodriguez and Amanda Vallejo, played an integral role in the team’s success.

The Lady Bobcats’ impressive track record is a testament to their talent, teamwork, and coaching. The team has set their eyes on winning the state championship, and as they prepare for the next round of playoffs, they do so with a sense of confidence and pride in what they have achieved so far. Although they acknowledge that the road ahead will be tough, the team is ready to give it their all and make their school and community proud.

The Regional Quarterfinal Series dates are as follows: Game 1 will be on Thursday, May 11, at 7:00 pm, Game 2 on Friday, May 12, at 7:30 pm, and Game 3 (if needed) on May 13 at noon at Marion High. As the Lady Bobcats gear up for this challenging road ahead, they remain committed to giving it their all and proudly representing their school and community.

This article, initially published on Live from the South, shows the Lady Bobcats’ phenomenal season, and the team’s tenacity, grit, and determination. Their inspiring efforts have caught the attention of the entire community and have further cemented their position as a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs and beyond.

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