Kristen Bell highlights Boynton Beach teacher in support of educators and students

Renowned actress Kristen Bell has joined forces with GoFundMe to support teachers and students in a heartwarming initiative. In an Instagram Reel, Bell brought attention to the project led by Kenny Duane, a fifth-grade teacher at Citrus Cove Elementary. Duane, who has been teaching at the school for four years, embarked on a fundraising journey to create a comfortable and inviting library seating area for his students. Bell’s post shed light on the financial burdens borne by teachers who often dip into their own pockets to create a safe and joyful learning environment for children.

When WPTV Reporter Joel Lopez asked Duane if he ever anticipated catching the attention of a celebrity like Bell, the educator expressed his disbelief, exclaiming, “Oh, absolutely not, are you kidding me? I was quite shocked, to be honest with you.” Principal Dr. Natalie Cromwell of Citrus Cove Elementary acknowledged Duane’s exceptional ability to connect with his students, fostering an environment where relationships thrive. She praised his dedication and the assurance he provides to parents of a compassionate and nurturing classroom where their children can grow and flourish.

Duane’s fundraising efforts yielded impressive results, enabling him to purchase almost 600 books on top of the 300 books supplied by the district. Observing a positive impact on student engagement when comfortable seating was introduced, Duane realized the importance of creating an inviting space. Not only did the children clamor for these seats, but they also became more engrossed in the books they held. The success of his library seating project inspired the educator to aspire for more. Through GoFundMe, Duane aims to procure a comfortable reading chair for each of his 20 students.

With a massive following of 15.6 million on Instagram, Bell possesses significant influence to benefit education nationwide through her partnership with GoFundMe and their education fund. Reflecting on the aftermath of the pandemic on children’s literacy, Reporter Joel Lopez inquired with Principal Cromwell if the impacts were still evident. She acknowledged the initial setback caused by the pandemic but expressed optimism, asserting that they are now in the recovery phase and making substantial progress.

Duane’s gratitude towards Bell and her involvement in supporting educators and children was evident. In a message to the actress, he expressed his sincere appreciation for her passionate interest in education, highlighting the profound impact that celebrities can have on shaping young lives. He wholeheartedly thanked Bell and emphasized the power each individual possesses to make an incredible difference, irrespective of their fame or status.

The heartwarming collaboration between Kristen Bell, GoFundMe, and devoted teachers like Kenny Duane serves as a testament to the endless possibilities for positive change within the education system. By spotlighting the efforts of dedicated educators and rallying support for their initiatives, this partnership has the potential to transform classrooms across the nation.

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